Nesson 15

Nesson is a serial novel about living with technology and sprawl in the near future. Learn more or start from the beginning.

Justin asked for travel and got it. Lloyd connected him with a kind of caravan. It would be continuous movement, and the itinerary was westbound. The travel was slow though, and the days long. When Lloyd, the career counselor, described the job, Justin daydreamed through the job responsibilities and particulars of the schedule. While Lloyd talked, Justin imagined himself arriving in California after a restful, free ride. Probably he would step off the train, go to a nearby diner for lunch and find Allison waiting tables. Her hair would be dyed and oversized glasses would hide her face, but he would recognize her. Before Justin could tap his sister’s shoulder, Lloyd was pushing him out of the door and shoving a train ticket into his hand. Continue reading